Battery Draining Blogging


Since the death of my laptop during finals week of last semester I have been without a computer of my own. At first I went a bit mental, thinking about how I was going to be able to stay socially relevant with out proper means to the online social stratosphere. then I came to the realization that I did in fact not use my laptop for my social media needs as much as I suspected, and that most of my social media interactions were made through the use of my iPhone. 

Now my biggest concern is not how many tabs I have open, and which one is playing music, but now the fact that a phone is not made to be a social media powerhouse. Between my infinity scrolling dashboard on Tumblr, my playlists streaming on either 8tracks or Spotify, and updating a status on Facebook about having a Beer and Pizza night at The Shed; I am constantly getting notifications from my phone saying “20% battery remaining” and then just mere minutes later “10% battery remaining.” the anxiety that one endures while carrying around a dead cell phone is more manic and aggressive than anything for a Millennial.

On top of that, there is nothing luxurious or free about having your iPhone plugged into its charger, I mean this is not 1995, I should be able to have a cordless phone and be on it where ever I like. ie. couches, beds, bathrooms.

*insert how-to guide on how to waterproof your phone by putting it in a zip-lock bag before taking a bath or shower* I have been ‘waterproofing’ electronics since I first started Pokemon Yellow on my Gameboy Colour in 1998 *picture me here* end of strange tangent of ‘waterproofing.’

I can bloody well use social media wherever I choose to do so long as there is free WiFi or an AT&T LTE tower near by. Because of this freedom, I am able to keep my social media relevancey on the up and up. suprisingly I have gained more followers on Tumblr while strictly using my phones tumblr app than I ever did while using both the desktop alternative. Tweeting is as easy as pulling a drop down screen from my phone and typing my 140 characters.

I think that sharing and creating content has never been more simple while using a mobile device. All of the applications that Social Media sites have put out have one goal, to make the user’s experience simple, enjoyable, and quick. large buttons on the screen to tap at startups came get you sharing content within seconds of opening an app.



When I create material for the web it is either witty as hell or a photo of me looking extremely apathetic. I quite enjoy sharing my thoughts and quick little ideas on Facebook and have gotten relatively great responsiveness via likes and comments. On Tumblr I have not created that much content but I have contributed a mass about of semi-risque selfies and also a lot of music that I listen to. The music that I post has many notes compared to my selfies because it obviously caters to a larger audience of people interested in quality music opposed to the small audience of people that care what I look like. Instagram is a great app for sharing photos, with the ability to hashtag your photos, it allows you to share that photo to many people, most of my photos are commented on and liked by people who I do not know, but are people that appreciate what I am doing wheter it be hiking, drawing, or watching a band perform.


My Personal Brand

honestly, I think I have the ability to have a pretty good niche in talking about the Saint Louis Music + Arts Scene and Culture. A lot of my friends are involved in well known bands down in the city and always have a proper good time performing shows and supporting other bands. I like to believe that my posts are rather informal and have more of a conversational appeal to them which reflects my culture that I surround myself in. so find me at the coolest concerts asking the bartender for the WiFi password.Image


vincent xx


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